Phoenix Property Manager

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Dear Members, I am in desperate need of a property management company in the Phoenix area that handles northern and the I17. It is a four plex that is troubled and needs some intensive hands on management. The residents are all section 8. This is not a building for a beginning management company, I need one with experience in the area that can handle situations that will often arise. Does anyone out there have any first hand experience and can offer a recommendation? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Gentleman, @Matthew Coates @Leland Banner @Thai Foo @Dick Rosen thanks to one and all for your responses. 

Dick, self promotion shows confidence, thanks. Thai, I will definitely let you know, I also have SFR's in the area and will share that PM with you after we are connected. Leland great advise, thanks. Matt, Jason is on the list, thanks to you also.


I have the same question to ask introduction of hands-on property management companies.

We own 3 duplexes (6 units) at the metro area of Phoenix. I've hired different PMs several times, but no luck so far. Each one gave me so much headaches. 

Please share with your PM referrals if you have good experience with them. 

Thank you