Neighbors Kid Shot my rental window out!

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SO I received a call tonight from my tenants and they said that their kids were playing in their room and all of sudden the window gets shot by a bb gun. When the tenants confronted the neighbor about it he denied it and went in the house and started yelling at his grandkid…

My tenants say they didn't see the kid do it, but its not hard to realize this kid did this (he's your typical neighborhood Dennis the Menace). They have seen him with a bb gun before outside in the past. My tenants had the window replaced for $355 today and I didnt know about it until they paid to have it done.

What do I do now? I know I have to reimburse my tenants, but what about going after my neighbors? Would I need to be able to prove it or what? Is it even worth the headache?


It's tough to enforce when there were no witnesses.  You'd hope the neighbor would stand up and own the situation but that sounds like a lost cause.  Other than confronting him personally, I'm not sure there's much you can do.

Glad no one got hurt!

Did anyone file  a police report ?  Just a thought here.  Better to police Denise the Menace when he is shooting a BB gun then a  45.  In any case can you file a complaint? would depend on exact circumstances if you should but I was just thinking.

If I put up no trespassing signs what would happen to the kid if he got caught back on the property? Is there fines, or what???

Do you have homeowners insurance? That's what it's for! Kids will be kids and accidents happen, thankfully nobody was hurt. I'm sure the kid won't be shooting his BB gun at your house again. 

Unless you have a witness your stuck holding the bag.

Had a large rock about the size of a bowling ball  thrown through the window of one of my clients houses once. No witnesses, cops of course told me I was basically S.O.L.

I wouldnt file an insurance claim as it's very low cost. Definitely just pay out of pocket on this one.

@Chance Cooper like one of the other member has stated $355. is much to steep to pay for a window unless they called a class company to come in an replace the window an they charge xxx amount per hour.

@Chance Cooper   is this house in Fayetteville or in Hoke County? Mine is in Hoke County, you might be able to call the law (that's the proper term in that area) and have the officer go talk to the adult. I had some vandalism at my house and the Sheriff talked to the kids that I know did it. The Sheriff knew they did it as well. I didn't get any money to fix the damage but I did not have any further issues with those kids. 

On a positive note you can deduct that $355 on your taxes.

@Paul S.  this house is located in Conway SC. I contacted the police and the neighbor. The neighbor denied it, I filed the police report to have some sort of records of this. I also instructed the tenants to put a no trespassing sign up. Hopefully I don't have no more issues with Dennis the Menace….

I have to say, this is a real high price.  Was the tenant authorized to repair the window? Our lease prohibits the tenant having work done unless we authorize it.  In our case, it costs us $60-$70 to repair one of those double-paned energy efficient windows.  We remove them, take them to a glass place, who sends them somewhere.  He cuts us a piece of plywood to size, which we put back in our window until the window is ready.  If the glass company sent someone out, they're expensive.  We would have a problem with that bill.  Unless of course you authorized the repair.

If it is a double pane, gas charged window that is not an unreasonable amount for repair, though it is usually significantly cheaper to order a replacement window and put it in yourself.

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