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What is your mobile accounting software of choice? I manage myself, currently just 5 doors! I'd like for my wife & I to be able to scan receipts with our phones, & we'd love to get away from that tax time headache of going through the receipts & bank statements, for the whole year, in preparation for the CPA! What's the most efficient service to go with?

I use wave accounting... free and cloud based, also a mobile app if you want to use it.  I did a post a week or two back about how I had set up the software to support multiple properties (I have 4, 11 doors, but only track by the property).

@Matt T.  maybe not what you are looking for, but using quickbooks, you can attached a scanned receipt to each transaction. I use quickbooks and neat scanner, its fairly quick and great because if we question a transaction click and the receipt is there. 

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