Researching To Purchase Rentals In The Charlottesville, Virginia Area (Cartographic Solutions)

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Hi, I am new here so forgive me for the ignorance about this subject.  Right now I am just learning to crunch the numbers between different properties so I can begin to see what is good or bad in terms of investing in my area.  

I come from a cartography/GIS background and was thinking of making reference maps for my market area that would show key values related to investing for rentals based on zip code or school district.  I was wondering if anyone here new of any sites that compile that information? (Occupancy Rates, Percent Rentals, etc.) What other values would be of interest that could be expressed geographically?

If you are from the Charlottesville area please let me know. I would be willing to share any maps I produced to anyone interested.



@Jesse Bellavance

There are a million good sources for data, and it's definitely a personal hobby of mine to run different kinds of analysis on less than normal data sources.

One that I have liked recently is:

Sadly they do not have a publicly available API, but you could still crunch small data sets or use a scraper to gather school district info based on zip codes.

Charlottesville is a great area. My parents moved to Lexington, VA for their retirement. They usually head to Charlottesville for a nice night out.