Tenants add wall to make it a 4 bdr

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I have a rental near a college town. I just found out that my tenants decided to build a wall and put in another door in order to accommodate another person. Looking at the wall and the door it looks professionally done and adheres to my standards. In a way this helps me because now I have a 4 bdr house instead of a 3 bdr but my question is to go after the tenants that built the wall since it was built against my knowledge?

To qualify as a true bedroom it has to be at least 100 sq feet and have a closet. Did they wire new electrical outlets? What about a ceiling light/fan fixture?

It was likely built without permits. Thats a big problem. That needs to be addressed. Did they build a closet? I guess for now you are ok but going forward you could have problems especially if you sell or if the city wants to do an inspection and discovers an illegal bedroom. 

Does your locale require permits for this type of work? Are there inspections? Those could be two big problems. If neither of those apply, did the tenant move someone in illegally (i.e., who was the 4th person)? How long has the tenant been there? Good payer? Is the house worth more money, or do you now have (2) 7 foot bedrooms?