International students & co-signers experience

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Good day, I just started rentals about 2 weeks ago and now see a influx of international students trying to move in by Sept. 1. In your experience, does it matter if their co-signer is from the U.S. Or not? I know it's up to the landlord. Any other documents or advice on qualifying international student candidates? I'm in Mass. Thank you. Julio


I have experience with international tenants (although they weren't students). They were able to provide me with landlord references that I was able to verify and communicate with via email. They were also able to show me income statements to verify income. As a result of their strong references and income I didn't need a co-signer. 



Hi @Julio Salado , how was your experience over the first year handling international students. Facing a similar situation now for the Fall 2016 and would love to learn more about your experience. I'm inquiring about semester by semester payments, proof of funds, and referrals to start.