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Okay, I need advice to help me better understand my options.

I was taken to court to be evicted ( for nonpayment of rent & vandalism, even though our rent was just 3 days late. There was no vandalism, but I only received the eviction notice the day before our hearing so I didn't have time to get evidence) and only given 14 days (I have kids!). Anyways, as my family began to scramble to search for a place to live, THE SAME DAY as we went to court my landlord dropped off a letter.

Now, he has been wanting to retire for a year (we have lived in the same house for almost 2 years). Well he wants us to buy the house on contract. It's a 2 bedroom and I have a family of 5 (soon to be 6).

In summary, the letter says that even though we have been evicted, he is still willing to let us buy the house on contract. The price he wants is fair for our area. But I am upset because he really has financially pushed us into a checkmate. If we don't buy the house, then we have 2 weeks to move AND the eviction will be on our record. 

However, if we STAY and BUY, he promised to notify the court and remove all of this from our record.

I just need to know if this is legal? Or is there something I can do to at least give myself more time to find a place?

I would leave. The man has no character.

This is an ACLU kind of outrage.

  • Contact the NEWS STATION and go see the station manager.
  • Go see the MAYOR
  • Call you Congressman - woman
  • Call your Senator

@Shawn Holsapple   Ur in Indy..

Can you help her?

@Account Closed I am lost on the time frame.... You said you were taking to court for an eviction but still lived there? Did he threaten to take you to court or did he actually take you to court? Did they move your stuff out and then he gave you the ultimatum? I read this a couple of times and the time frames aren't making sense to me..

Just move out and learn from this that as long as you rely on others to provide for you, you will ALWAYS be at risk of the whims of those people. 

why did my troll alert just go off?   I'm sorry you didn't have five minutes to take some pictures proving there was no vandalism by your 3 kids.  Since it is the end of the month could you more fully explain the time line?  

Have you ever been late with your rent before even once? Has the landlord given you repeated warnings that after several late payments further late payments will not be tolerated?  

Btw is it normal for a landlord to win an eviction case when the totally innocent tenant's only lease violation is paying rent two days late?   The landlord would be laughed out of court here even though it is a landlord friendly state.  

This is the end of the month. Whose rent is only 2 days late at the end of the month? Something smells funny.....

Facts are missing here or you have the most landlord friendly court system.

@Steve Babiak

Nope, not really, I think the guy is wanting her out or himself away from a domestic situation, they lived together with 3 kids in a 2 bedroom house! You never get both sides and you never get the details. I doubt he's a real "landlord" with this "tenant" but owns the house.  

Defeats the purpose telling a judge she can't pay rent, but he'll offer to sell and carry the financing! LOL

When did this account close? Right after posting? :)

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