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Hi, I've recently had a plumber come out to my rental and tell me that it was mainly "wet-wipes" blocking the drain - he said that it was clear, and it should be fine now (after it was cleared). However, the blockage continued as it was, so he had to come out again and have a look the week after. I saw a lot of weeds/grass/etc be removed and exactly 1(ONE) wet-wipe. 

My question  is: Will I be expected to pay for the service? Shouldn't this 1 wet-wipe have been removed the first time? Also, wouldn't it be more feasible that grass/weeds/etc. was actually the cause of the blockage? As opposed to the 1 wet-wipe. 

Feedback/answers to this would be greatly appreciated. The rental is also very old, if that at all contributes to my question.


Bummer. Plumbers are expensive! If you already had him come out and the repair was incomplete, it would be reasonable to open up dialog and at least ask him to consider whether the follow up visit was actually completion of the initial work, as it seems to be, and to price accordingly. If not, he's not your man and all landlords need a plumbing resource on speed dial who can and will advise even when they're too busy to work, and who will not overcharge.

I don't know your situation with the tenants, but in an ideal scenario you are still in possession of security deposit (or they are still there to bill). If you get written documentation from the plumber, and have a good lease, the disposal of wet wipes down the drain could be tenant-caused enough that it constitutes a chargeable offense, especially if they agree to stop disposing of wet wipes down the drain and/or admit that they have done so. 

Good luck out there! I feel your plumbing pains - I'm replacing a water main line right now in one of my older rentals. Grateful to feel like I'm not getting raked over in that already expensive job.

Logically thinking you don't have to pay, because it is his shabby work in the first attempt which forced him to get it cleaned the second time. After cautioning and making him aware of the shortcoming on a humanitarian ground pay a small amount of money. Not sure about your take on this? Next time you chose the plumbing services be careful lest such incidents happen in future. You are fortunate your drain is intact, I have had a bad experience in the past when my drain got damaged due to improper cleaning method.But it has to be done in its right way without damaging them, check for these simple tricks for cleaning are different chemical products and a variety of tools available to clean our home's drains .

I don’t recommend using drain cleaners they corrode pipes eventually. It’s possible the plumber push the stoppage down further with his snake. The company I used to work for would charge you for time.

@Steven Hedley How did grass get into your drain pipe??? What I've found with plumbers is they just need to be understood and listened too. Talk to him about whats going on, how his life is. Most likely he has a busy and hectic life ( knowing the plumber grind). Relate and try to convey your situation with the pipes. You never know it may gain you some extra money as well as a new friend with skills.

Depending on where the weeds and grass were seen in the main line, it could be caused by a broken main. If it is broken, it can cause a blockage. I would have the line checked with a camera.

If the plumber snaked the drain and got it open , he did his job . Did you pay him to camera the line also ? Then the line gets stopped up again  ,due to another wet wipe , yes you should pay again . Sounds like roots in the pipe , you should also now pay to see the condition of the pipe . Once a clog is cleared thats what the plumber got paid to do .