wine rack cabinets in rentals?

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Hi folks, 

Looking to get peoples thoughts on wine rack cabinets and  rental units.  Cabinet guy can sell for same price or less then normal cabinet so considering adding in units that have plenty of cabinet space.  Area is b/b-. 

If you will still have ample cabinet space, I say do it. If not, a free-standing, wall-mounted, or countertop wine rack will do the trick. However, I think for your rental it'll add that extra "something" that makes people want your rental. And if you can save money by adding a unique feature... sounds like a win win to me.

@Byron Bohlsen   interesting

One of my business partners ( I lived in the Napa Valley for years) ran the largest Wine co in the US.. Wine World Estates  number one label was Beringer and then another 30 or so labels.. right around latter part of 07 when I was spending the winter in La quinta he has an estate there.. we were at dinner one night and I said hey how is this down turn in the economy going to affect wine sales.. he said no worries... well that was not true.. folks just kept buyer cheaper wine.. so that about 2010 the top seller was 2 buck chuck.

So in my mind folks that rent in the C B class they may drink wine but I don't thing they buy it and store it.. they buy and drink... so in my mind waste of money.  I have been in a lot of rentals and I have NEVER seen anyone have more than a few bottles.

A class maybe .. other wise wine is for owner occs that are into wine.

My partner was dead wrong he thought people would still go to dinner and buy 60 to 100 dollar bottles in the down turn that did not happen... and as stated the wines that sold were the cheapest wines.. His personal winery that was catering to the 40 to 80 dollar bottles at retail.. suffered tremendously and many went out of business and ended up being sold to celebrities and very rich business folks. not people interested in making money which is a lot of what happens in Napa.

so in short your tenants will not store wine they will buy a bottle and drink it.. maybe buy 2 or 3 but that will be it.  that's my take on it

When I was renter, I rented in B Class.  While, for me, ample storage availability was never enough and always at a premium...I have to admit a wine rack as part of the cabinets would have really stuck out in my mind because it is so unusual.  It would have been an "oh cool" factor, though probably not something I would have really used because I already had a counter wine rack.

Thats kind of I was thinking as well. As @Jay_Hinrichs pointed out tenants probably wouldn't use it very much.  I probably wouldn't use it much either if I had one but it may be something that would get them in the door. I might experiment with it and see!

To clarify the cabinet itself wouldn't be a giant wine cabinet. We do 42 tall cabinets so it would end up being a shorter cabinet probably 24 wide with a small 3-4 bottle cabinet underneath to make the full 42. If people are interested I can post pictures and results/feedback.