Grandfathered pets

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When I moved into my apt. in 4/14 I had two dogs and the complex had a two pet policy at the time. I signed a new lease in 3/15 and there were no issues about me having dogs still. One of my dogs passed away in 5/15 and I decided the end of 7/15 that I wanted to get another dog because I was feeling depressed and so was my other dog. I just received a letter from my landlord stating that they were just informed that I have another dog-a puppy and that my two dogs I had when I moved in were "grandfathered in" so they didn't have a problem when they went to a no pet policy effective 1/15. How can the specific dogs be grandfathered in but not any other dog I get that falls into the original pet policy? They state that they DO have a problem with me getting another dog and not notifying management and I have 8 days to removed the new dog or face eviction. I don't see why me replacing a dog that passed away makes any issues. I clean up after my dogs in the common areas and my apt is clean and the dogs are well behaved. There are tenants that have moved in after 1/15 that have pets so I am not understanding where all this is coming from. I pay my rent every month, sometimes two months at a time. They have empty apt and several other tenants that don't pay their rent and are like a revolving door here. I would think they would want to keep a tenant that pays her rent and does not cause any issues. What are my options here? I am not in a position to move and refuse to give up the newest addition to my family as she has been good for myself and my other dog. Thanks for any advice.

What does your current lease say? did they ever inform you of the new pet policy?

I would suggest having a discussion with the landlord. Hopefully you can come to a sensible agreement. It would be stupid of them to evict a good tenant.