Best insurance companies in Ohio for rentals

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We'll be shopping around but does anyone have any recommendations for insurance companies they think are best for rental property owners?

Side note, do you require your tenants to own renters policies?

State Farm has been awesome for my portfolio as well as personal... They saved me alot of money from American Family. There were cheaper than everyone else that I tried and are a pleasure to do business with. I do not require renters insurance

I have to second State Farm.  They have the best rates in my area and no exclusions for certain dog breeds.

I use Allstate for all of my personal and rental properties. My agent has been untouchable on my rental properties. Comparing apples to apples, Allstate has consistently been half of some of the other companies. 

I do require my renters have renters insurance and my lease has their insurance cover their items during a loss to the property.