Resources for rental prices?

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Where can I find the best resources on rental prices for my area? I don't want to rely on assumed rental prices currently listed (IE: zillow, if they're not true to the market.

Depends on the type of property you are looking at.  I have used as well as  I have also used Craig's list, they have a decent number of rentals.  I would start here. 


perfect. All those posts were very helpful. 

I was not aware of such sites as rentometer... then again, I usually default to doing web searches before starting a new thread on BP. 

Thank you for your input!

@Christopher DeLucien I also drive the area and call on signs in yards for houses for rent.  It's not an exact science at all.  Where we live, it is almost seasonal.  I have plenty of interest in our properties in the middle of summer but things slow down after school starts.  That's the only time I have ever dropped rent to get a house filled.  We now try to make everything expire in summer!

Good luck!

Rentometer is not that accurate IMO. has rental properties posted by realtors and pm companies...they are often a tad aggressive in pricing but are the most accurate. Here rents are negotiable but the market is hot so it is probably rare...overpriced may sit for a month and then usually get marked down and rent out. Zillow feeds off in my market.