Best Websites for determining Home Rents

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Can anyone recommend any websites for quickly determining what homes rent for based on city, or zip codes? The few that I have tried want to capture your info for marketing purposes. 

Have you tried rentometer?  I like to use that and then go on zillow and craigslist and compare the results.  

I like some of those mentioned above and others I have read on BP.. not sure about the capturing of your data... but if that is a concern, one of my favorites is to find the largest local property manager websites--often these have many comps (and may not track your data)... 

Unlike the stock market, the rental market does not capture all the transactions in a perfect way that sets a price. 

And you don't even see the actual price rented for (often just the asking, which good landlords often get if they do it right).

But be aware some newbie may post an ad with a hopelessly optimistic asking price (too high).. and some hobbyist may post an unusually low price just to keep the place full and keep busy (too low). 

That is why I like property managers doing the most business--they are often most realistic and (this is key) they often have the most knowledge about the rental market having listed and rented the most comparable properties recently... So their prices are realistic, but you still have to match comparable properties the best you can (also not perfect if no similar ones are being offered). 

But by looking at a few sources, you usually can get close. I often find very similar units listed even on the same block when a vacancy comes up, but much will depend on your facts (size of your town, type of property, size, location, etc) in whether you easily find comps...

Best of luck...

oh rent range charges for every property you put into it but I found it is pretty accurate for my area's if you would like to see what it shows you when you put in a property address P.M. me and I will send it to you.

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The few that I have tried want to capture your info for marketing purposes. 

Make something up that looks plausible.  :)  This address would be in the middle of the airport there in Jonesboro. is a domain name that nobody can ever buy; it's for examples in manuals, etc.  There is also and, same thing.

John Smith

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If they want a "real" email address - like they email you a link to access the rest of the site - you can get a disposable email address from sites like Mailinator, .  Email to the address just goes to a web page that you can view without a password.

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Joseph Jones it's good to see someone else from Jonesboro on here. Everyone has already mentioned most of the sources that I use, however the two I didn't see was your realtor and the Jonesboro housing authority(HUD). Sometimes you have to do a little guesswork and then adjust your price based on response. Good luck!