Rental Inspections in Cleveland.

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Anyone has experience with Rental Inspections in the city of Cleveland? This is different from the point of sale inspection or section 8 inspections.

Looks like it's pretty recent and Cleveland requires annual ($35) registration which requires a mandatory inside and outside inspection for any rental.

What worries me about this is that it's going to be abused by the inspectors. I am already getting slapped with violation notices that are kind of bogus. For example the trim paint is peeling on my garage. If i let an inspector into the house is he going to tell me to fix every scratch and dent? Has anyone dealt with this in Cleveland? 

I was doing some research into it and there is a court decision that deemed these unconstitutional (but not in Cleveland, obviously):

Anyway, just want to hear other people's experience with it.

Recently ruled illegal in the state of Ohio.

@Brandon Schlichter , so this is the same case that i was referring to. But i don't think a local case applies to the rest of Ohio. Unfortunately, i am not financially in a position to take on the city of Cleveland myself.

@Federico Gutierrez , i am in the Kamms Corner of the city of Cleveland. I think part of the problem is that i am an out of state and i get the feeling that the city of Cleveland is prejudice towards out of state investors. 

I am realizing that there is very little order in how the city is handling things. They do things commando style, reminds me of the first Rambo movie :). Fox example i just had a board of revision hearing to reduce my property taxes on the basis of purchase price. My request was granted and they reduced that taxable amount to the purchase price, however, two months later they send me new bills for 2015 with the value of the houses raised by 200%!!! WTF? So these kind of practices make me freak out about home inspections. What if they tell me to strip all the paint because there are traces of lead? I myself live in a 100 year old home - and i am sure there is lead paint under 10 coats of paint somewhere.

I would really love to hear about what these inspections are like. Can these be ignored? I am literally contemplating if i should or should not send the check with the registration fee right now.