Which and what type of appliances in a rental?

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My plan is to purchase a rehab and rent out the house where we now live. I expect to take stove and washer/dryer with me (They were expensive and I like them) What sort of stove would be appropriate, and is there a benefit to replacing the W/D? (The hook space is for a stackable) The stove is a gas stove, is that usual? or should I put in an electric? 

if you have a gas stove replace with a gas stove you wont have to change electrical outlet. My area the custom was not to supply fridge but it depends on your area I would include dishwasher if possible. The stack washer and dryers are expensive and from my experience they don't seem to last too long I don't know what what type of rent you are getting but if can get away without a wash dryer I would do so.Sometimes 

i might add an appliance as a convenience but I don't assume any liability for repairs.

I hate providing any appliances. It seems every time I leave appliances the new tenant has their own and whenever I don't provide them the new tenant wants them. I usually leave them if they are there but I prefer the tenants provide their own. If I do leave them my lease states that the tenant may use the appliances and may fix or discard them if they break at their discretion. (I do have one higher end house with better appliances that I provide.) Washers/dryers are not usually expected in my area. This will vary in different areas. Call other ads for rental houses to learn what is typical in your market.

I'd agree with @Jeff Rabinowitz . Figure out what the norm is for your market. Make some calls. Attend some showings. See what the competition is. But if you do choose to provide appliances. Have clear verbiage in the lease that goes over the use of these appliances. 

Also, when it comes to rentals you don't need the best of the best. But you do want to be on the top of your competition. So if stainless steel is the norm. Go with stainless steel. In regard to the question of "is it worth it to replace it". My policy, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But if its janky and will put off possible tenants thus losing you rent. Then replace it. 

Thanks much to all of you! I did go ahead and look. Zillow lists such things and in my market, stove, refrig, and DW are the norm. Some listed W/D, some didn't, so I'll list it without. I'll have to find out the norm for repairs. 

In my area, most B/C rentals have a fridge and stove provided (though not always).  D/W and/or washers/dryers are provided about 1/3 of the time.  Class A rentals usually have all those appliances included.

I only have three units, and two of them are a house I recently purchased.  They are B/C+ units.  I provide a fridge, oven, and W/D.  If there is already a spot in the cabinetry for a D/W, I'll provide that also.  If not, I don't.  Unless I see a smoking deal for a new appliance, I almost always buy used.  For example, I just bought a fridge for one of my new rentals off Craig's List.  It is only 2 months old, still under warranty, and was only $250.  I can usually find W/D sets in fairly new and good condition for $300-$400.

It's a small investment that allows me to charge more rent and makes my unit much more attractive to tenants.  Knock on wood, so far I've had good luck with the used appliances I've purchased and they have been reliable.