Joint Tenants issues

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Hello everyone , i got a issue that I want to see how you guys will handle it

. I rented one of the house to a 2 people, they are not family member but just friends. they signed the lease agreement together which if one person decided to quit or not paying rent for whatever reason, the other party will also be responsible for the whole amount of rent

Recently, one of the tenant got into a terrible car accident and will be at the hospital for at least 3+ months and currently not conscious. his family just contact me try to see if he can quit the lease. And the other tenants want to stay and willing to try to look for another housemates. 

I just wondering how would you guys handle this situation? thanks for any input :)

I am sure there are quite a few moving parts in this situation.  We always look to keep the rent flowing.  If a volunteer surrender and a new tenant makes that happen and you can help a famy out that is in a bad situation I would say do what it takes!

If it were me, I'd remind the remaining tenants and the family of the injured tenant, that everyone (injured tenant, not the family) is responsible for paying the entire rental amount.  But, that I would be open to a new tenant moving in who would replace the injured tenant.  I would also make it very clear that I would need to approve the new tenant and a new lease would be signed that, in essence, would remove the old tenant and add-in the new tenant.

With all that said, I would probably "forgive" the injured tenant's portion of rent...but only for the first month.  That way, it at least gives myself and the other tenant(s) time to try and find a replacement.  But that would be a choice I would personally make out of kindness, not out of obligation.