Traveling Life Saver

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Good Morning Bigger Pockets Community!

  My wife has decided to take her nursing skills on the road to reach and help more people. We are Wholesalers and small-scale rehabbers in the Indianapolis area and we also now have our first self-storage facility in Mississippi. I am going to continue holding down the home base here in Indy while Tracy takes on 13 week assignments across the country.

  My question is about temporary/seasonal/surplus housing, and whether or not anyone here would have anything available that would be cost effective for the duration of each assignment..? Her first gig is Tuscaloosa, AL. Let me know your thoughts and thanks in advance for your time everyone!

I have a close friend who was a travel nurse for many years, and her contracts always included housing paid for by her company (I think it was American Mobile). Maybe worth investigating them? 

Hey David.  Don't know if you are still traveling or not, but my girlfriend and I have been doing travel nursing for over 2 years and recently bought a 2016 35' travel trailer.  We were tired of going between furnished and unfurnished houses and paying extra for short term leases.  As we travel, we pay off the trailer and will sell it once we're done.  Just a win-win in the short and long term