Maintenance in rental contract

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Some seem to do that. I have not as of yet. My concern is that I will not know about anything that really needs a repair, and more damage will result.

Unless it's general yard maintenance (such as picking up after a pet) I do not make anything the tenants responsibility for maintenance. I encourage them to let me know immediately if there is a problem. One tenant took 12 hours to tell me that he had no water in the middle of winter. That could have been a big problem, luckily , it wasn't but I don't want tenants waiting that long to contact me.

The only time they are responsible for anything is if it was a direct consequence of something they did or didn't do such as their child that flushes a doll down the toilet.

Yeah, I'm following the trend here. Don't give up control. You are better off writing into your lease that if a leak starts to happen and they don't tell you then they are responsible for the cost of the excess damage/water. It motivates them to tell you so that you can fix something when it is small.