Showing when house is vacant or with tenant

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I am interviewing an agent to list my property for rent. The tenant is still living in there until 5/31/16 end of lease, or 6/30/16 if I would let her stay one more month. The agent I just talked to will only work for me when the tenant moves out and leaves the house vacant and I will have to prepare the house according to her recommendation. I think she is picky and wants an easy job. I don't want to leave the house vacant for at least 2 months (she estimated that time frames to find new tenants for me) but wanted to list/ show the house as soon as possible. I believe the current tenant will be cooperative since she has rented from me for 5 years without issues. I am not sure what is the right thing to do. Please advise. Thank you all.

Find another PM. We show occupied units all the time for the exact reason you mentioned....quick turn...not to mention, many show better furnished. You will pay a lot more in vacancy than you will in PM fees with that PM. I have had 1 day turns before when the new tenant was fine with the cleaning (and lock change) happening after they moved in.

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You can be respectful to your existing tenant by lining up showings together at one time.  The prospective tenants will understand and respect that as well.

I learned not to show units while occupied, mainly because applicants can't visualize their stuff in the apartment, if the current tenant's stuff is still there.  Applicants don't have the ability to see beyond your current tenant's junk.

So, I can agree with your agent on this, but I don't think it should take 2 months.  Trust your instincts.  If someone isn't acting happy to have your business, find someone else who is - or do it yourself.

If the place is vacant you could use Rently and not pay an agent at all. I just rented a still occupied unit by having it listed in MLS, it's harder but can be done and avoids vacancy expenses. I would find someone else.