Propane Tank Rental Fee

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I was told by a broker that the landlord is responsible for the propane tank rental fee that covers cooking in the rental property (and the tenant would be responsible for setup fees and actual propane).  He further stated this is because the tank and lines are permanent fixtures to the house and the tenant would have no way of providing their own tank if they desired.  Does anyone know what Florida Statute or law would cover this requirement?  The lease does not mention propane gas at all, but states specifically which utilities are to be paid by the tenant and which are to be paid by the landlord.  (There are also 2 fireplaces, which would use the propane, but they are not functional).  I understand the lease needs to be updated.

Your broker is an idiot. The only part that is a permanent part of the house is the lines, NOT the tank, though I don't see how that is relevant at all. If the tenant wants their own tank they are more than welcome to buy one or shop around for the best deal.

I am not an expert on Florida law but I would be really, really surprised if there are any landlord/tenant laws regarding propane tanks.

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In most states the landlord has to supply what is necessary to keep the house heated and the cooking elements working.  If it's common in your area for renters to pay for tank rental and fill, then that's your precedent.  I'd just ask a local property manager what they do and follow their lead.

we have to provide a system capable of maintaining a  temp of no less than 68 degrees, if the tenant doesnt pay for fuel though thats not the landlords responsibility,  Regarding tank leases none of ours has ever been more than $1