Moving to Atlanta at the end of the month. Need a place to stay!

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Hi BP. I'm Looking for 2/2 or 2/1 unit. My wife and I are planning to move from Portland to Atlanta/suburbs at the end of this month and need a place to live. I have not found a job there yet, but have really good job history as a CNC Machine Operator and Precision Lead. Finding a place to live there has become my #1 priority. I have a large amount of cash saved up that will buy me time to find a job. I also own and manage a Duplex here in Portland that provides $750/mo net income. If you are a commercial property owner in need of an onsite maintenance guy, I have handyman experience. I renovated both duplex units inside. I painted, installed laminate, tiles, fixtures, plumbing etc...

I have no pets and don't smoke.

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CNC machine operator! Learn set up then programming good future in that field, it is extremely tough and low paying initially but if you can edit and modify and set up mill and lathe you can make decent money, look in the North east ATL for jobs like this!

What I would strongly recommend - since you are new to the area, and the fact that you don't know real traffic until you visit Atlanta!!!  I would suggest you stay for at least a week in an Extnded Stay hotel- or similar hotel close to at least one of the interstates. Since you don't know where you will be working, a signed lease on an apartment in an area with crazy traffic will not be an efficient move! Besides, these hotels have the kitchen so you're not eating out three times per day while looking for work. It will allow you time to catch your breath after a long move, learn the area, figure out the roads, etc, and learn where it's best to live for your commute, schools (if needed) etc. There are a ton of these extended stay hotels - from all the major hotel names, along all the major roads. 

I agree with @Richard Balsam . I have family in forsythe county, the traffic into ATL is much like DC. You will learn which areas are better and what times of day are better but there will always be some traffic. If I were you I would go with either the long stay hotel or with a very short lease somewhere (IE 6 months or less) until you find a job. Im assuming your wife works and this is why you are moving to that area so please correct me if I am wrong. Once you find a job you can worry about where you're moving to and have some basis of what area to look in.

This is what my wife and I did when we moved from California to DC several years ago even though we knew where we would be working. The last thing you want to do is to buy somewhere you think you want to live only to find out 6mon-1yr later that at best its not ideal or at worst its terrible. where we rented when we first moved here was a nice neighborhood in a not so great area, so while the home and neighbors were great I still had to worry about my wife going to the grocery store etc. by herself in the evening hours.

The good news is that the area surrounding ATL is ripe with duplex, triplex, and quad deals if you are looking to house hack and have another investment when you are done.