Tenant Agreement Los Angeles Area

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Here you go.  Great book.  Has all the forms and contracts, notices, etc., you will ever need for CA.  Also covers about anything you can think of regarding landlord-tenant laws and screening tenants in CA.  Easy to read, and the contracts are also easy for tenants to understand.  You can edit them if you want to put in your rules about parking, etc.  I used this book and their contracts:


You can download an e-copy, or get the hard copy book with a CD in it.

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Sue, Thank you very much! I ordered the book. I am going to initially use it for a tenant agreement. Now, I am hoping to form an LLC or a corporation. Do you have any ideas on that as well? I am in the Los Angeles city area.

Again, thank you!


Hello Theodore, thanks for posting these questions, i'm also in Los Angeles and have the same questions. Currently in escrow for a triplex and would like to eventually place tittle under an LLC.

Sue thank you. i will also order this book .

LLC or Corp is not worth forming when it is only one or even two assets. CA is brutal on upkeep, plus, if you buy one of those pre-made ones and you don't know how to use or fill them up, issue certificates and register them at SOS, then it is pretty much useless.