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Yep, first find out what your property is zoned and make sure you can put them on the land.  Here's the zoning info for Fayetteville:

If the zoning says you can't do it, ask them what the steps are to get a zoning variance.  Sometimes, you can get around the zoning.  Just depends.

I was able to get a zoning variance to put a small campground on a property once, in WA, because the county wanted to increase tourism and needed more camping spots.  So, it can be done.  Just depends.

Plus, sometimes they have rules on how old the units can be, too.  So, make sure you aren't just buying someone else's problem.  They may require it to be no older than a certain year, etc.

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I will look into the zoning issue first.  I pretty sure they will not mind since it is in the country.  Also, 5k is the most for a trailer.  I thought it might be more.