Refuse section 8 in the Ads

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Yes, section 8 is not a protected category. You can accept a section 8 tenant one year and decide you don't want one another year. As long as you arent denying them as a tenant based on their age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability status, and familial status.

When I accept section 8 tenants I also make sure they pass the same credit and background check as all of my other tenants.

No!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot discriminate against section 8 in MA. Doing so will get you sued in a heartbeat! Putting that you do not take section 8 in MA is not allowed per state rules. They can be screen out in your normal process but not "We don't accept Section 8".

@James Klafehn In MA there are additional protected classes. Receiving public assistance is one of them.  Each state might have different regulations. Following this advice in MA will get him sued. Please make sure in the future to be specific to your state.

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Here's a link that may prove helpful:

The easy way around it, is to require large deposits (which are not subsidized by HUD) and really good credit and landlord references. Just make sure you do this for all applicants.

Then, if you get an applicant who has all of the above, and happens to also be a HUD/Section 8 applicant, then so be it.

Not all HUD voucher holders (Section 8) are horrible tenants. You can still have tough criteria. Most of the horror stories of Section 8 tenants are because the landlord didn't have tough criteria. You don't have to accept all Section 8 applicants. You can still have tough criteria.

The real downside to accepting HUD vouchers, is that dealing with the government is a pain. There are more inspections, more rules, more tenant rights than the state laws, etc.