The places I rent are furnished high end units with flexible leases all based in Seattle. Typically people rent for between 3-6 months but I have one couple that have extended to 1.5 years now. Because of the flexibility of the lease, the proximity to downtown, and the quality of the home, I am able to charge a premium. 

All of my tenants have either been interns working in Seattle for a fixed period of time or travel medical professionals passing through the city. Furnished, short term, flexible leases seem to appeal to these people. 

My places have been 100% occupied for the last two years. I did budget for 10% vacancy but that has not happened. There are so many people coming into Seattle right now that demand is very high. The interns have started to refer their classmates but I have not had the same luck with the travel nurses. I would love to have a place I could advertise to the travel medical professionals as they worry that craigslist ads could potentially be scams. 

Let me know if you think there could be a way for me to better work with the travel medical community.