Chicago Landlord Returned Security Deposit No Interest

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This is why we use move in fees instead of deposits as well. If he was a good / fair landlord I would just let him know about the law and drop it there. If he was a pain in the *** then maybe I would try to stick it to him. If he is going to be a landlord he should know the laws of the area; the interest bearing account law is very well known in the city. 

Hi @David Rogers ,

You may want to post this in the Landlord forums. I do know there are some that say that if you do not "Go after dollar for your business" you are a "hobby" landlord. A true "professional" landlord would defend his lease to the penny...

Personally I am a "Hobby" landlord and wouldn't bother, however you may end up with some unexpected support for defending your finances to the penny.