Renting out a 8 bedroom house.

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Hello BiggerPockets mates,

My offer was just accepted for a 8 bedroom 2 bathroom house. It was originally a duplex, but additional rooms were added. Yes, 2 bathrooms is not much. I devise to make it a 6 bedroom and 4 bathrooms. My plan is rent out each room. However, what is the best way to successfully have 6 tenants in one home. Open to all feedback. Thank you in advance.  

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My location only allows 3 non-related people in one house.  Check with local building dept.  This is a common issue that college student housing faces.  

I would say it is rarely enforced unless neighbors complain and then might be difficult to prove. Most people are not aware of such ordinances and would get a slap on the wrist if anything at all.

Where we invest, the student rentals are inspected by a housing inspector, so it definitely would be caught if the number of bedrooms is greater than the ordinance.  Plus a 8 bedroom or even 6 bedroom house is normally considered a party house, because it's exactly what the partiers are looking to rent...the bigger the better.... so you better screen extremely well.