How to run a credit history report on tenants.

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How can I run a credit check on someone to see how well their history of payments are before I allow for the tenanats to sign the leasing contract.

I use mysmartmove from Transunion. I like that it gives a suggestion to accept or decline based on the information it compiles. I treat it as a unbiased 3rd party that is making the decision to accept or decline.

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Thank you @Scott Weaner and @Tyler Amburgy. Do I purchase this form for them or do they purchase it themselves and complete the form. Then once they have completed it do they then give it to me?

Account Closed your prospective tenant is who pays 

Get their email address and send to them 

It asks at the bottom who pays before you send it out, just click the box renter pays 

@Jim Adrian Thank you. @ John Anderson Do you suggest that I don't do a credit history check via the internet or a specific link such as the ones provided above? What does it mean to do a hand search? Does that mean have a one on one interview with them and ask them questions?

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Unfortunately I am new to real estate and don't know what a court house is or where to find one.

Is that court? All I have to do is go there and acquire the tenants credit score and say I have their permission to do so?

Hi Account Closed

I'm a representative with TransUnion SmartMove. You can choose to pay the screening fee or you can have the applicant pay. Once the applicant has verified their identity, the reports will be sent to the landlord. If you have any other questions feel free to message me, I'm happy to help!

Originally posted by Account Closed:

Oh so basically the tenant will fill this out. For example on the link below they will pay the fee and fill it out? Then will they print out the results to show me what they look like? or Email them to me?

 The results will come directly to you.

Hi Account Closed everything is online as the tenant verifies their identity on the TransUnion site and you are notified by email once the report is ready.  You can then log in to your TransUnion profile to view the reports.  So there are no paper forms to fill out for either you or the tenant.  Hope that helps, thanks!

@Andrea Collatz ,

Please consider adding trimerge as an option instead of just pulling TransUnion.

Apparently, some tenant events are only reported to the other two bureaus, if they are reported at all.

Curious here. Is this a soft pull or a hard pull? I will be doing this next year when I get all my ducks in a row. The question may come up after all.