House in T-Intersection

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Hi, i found a very good single storied house in a developing area (Prosper) in North Dallas. The house is in a very nice peaceful residential community , home schools are highly rated. The house is unfortunately in a T intersection, the dining within the house is on left side and exactly facing the road of the "T". However, the front yard is quite big with few steps as pathway to the house's entrance door

Given it is a facing a T intersection, will i be constrained in leasing this house to tenants ?

Thanks in advance

The house I used to live in (in Oklahoma) was close to a T intersection.  The house was on an east-west street, and another street ran south from that one.  At night, I'd get car headlights sweeping across the front of the house, if someone was driving north and turning west.

The house sat a little bit higher than the street, so the car lights mostly shone on the outside wall of the house just under the windows, and didn't shine directly in the windows.  The house had the master bedroom and another bedroom facing the east-west street.  Both bedrooms had vinyl mini-blinds in the windows, which I would close at night, and the lights didn't bother me.

You might drive your car through there in the early evening or night and see where the headlights shine on the house.  If you think they are shining directly in to a window, maybe a darker shade or blinds on that window would help.

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I would say it depends very heavily upon what we're talking about when you say T intersection. For example, is this a quiet neighborhood with very little traffic and happens to be at the end of a team or is it a main through fair in the neighborhood where there's lots of traffic? I personally rented a house at the top of a T many years ago, and this was not even a consideration. Probably only because it was the quiet neighborhood environment was probably also because the top of the tea lined up with the driveway, so evening headlights would never be an issue.