Year round rental investing in Pocono inside HOA Communities

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Greetings,wWe are new to the Lake Wallenpaupack area of the Poconos in Pennsylvania. What do people think about investing in the HOA communities around the lake as opposed to homes outside of HOAs? Our goal is to find good year round rentals and worry about the restrictions in many of these communities. Any insights would be very helpful.

@Kyle Toffey Welcome to the BP family you will find the experience rewarding. HOA's have some advantages,they control the quality of life and appearance of the development. Most have amenities that prevent cabin fever. The disadvantage is in most cases that the fee is tough to off set in your rental fees.

The Pocono's are broken down into several regions each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. HOA communities many are gated communities which afford a certain degree of security as well as "Seasonal Recreational Amenities". You need to identify you're rental market, the commuter, the retired individuals or locals. My experience has been HOA's are not detremental to you're wealth. You might consider test marketing your area as well as speaking to realtors in your area that specialise in the rental market and determine the occupancy rate as well as the monthly rents. We are a little south of your market so I can't be of much help. We are house flippers and offer homes in HOA communities some object to the fees while others are not concerned due to the quality of life that the communites offer.

Thanks... I concur about the quality of life issues.  Areas can be spotty up here but I have noticed some of the more strict communities have a higher level of care for home, yards and environment.  That can be good although seems to come with a price, but renters seem to know that and are willing to pay a bit more.

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