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Hi, I m a college student and not familiar with laws. My fiancé and I rent a studio and made an agreement with landlord for a deposit of 3,500 and $1,850 monthly. Now the landlord should us a paper that he send to section 8 stating that we only paid $2,500 for deposit and need to pay monthly $1,995. Can he change our monthly? And is it illegal for him to not report the right deposit we have him ? 

Is he actually increasing your rent to $1950, or just reporting to the housing authority the greater rent amount?

If you had a month to month agreement, the landlord can change it with a 30 day notice (so long as the increase is less than 10%).  

If he is reporting incorrect information to the housing authority, that would be fraud.  He might be reporting a higher rent amount as part of a rent survey to artificially inflate market rents in order to get a higher rent from another section 8 tenant.  I do not know the landlord's angle for reporting a higher deposit.

If you suspect fraud, don't confront your landlord, but rather report it to the county housing authority.

His house is based on section 8. I m not on the program, yesterday he demonstrated the paper saying that section 8 wants only $2,500 for deposit but he asked us for $3,500 (which we gave) and the contract we made was only for $1,850 but now he wants $1,995. He wants that anount because that what section 8 asked him, which he should have told us before he made a contact and we deposit 2 months rent already. Is there any illegal stuff he doing? 

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Hi Cristal

If you don't have a voucher for section 8 or moving papers from section 8 then the deal is going to be based on what the lease says. If you were on section 8 the landlord can only collect the deposit from you and any portion of the rent section 8 says you must pay. Anything else would be fraud on the landlords part.