Here's my question - the carpet damage from the child using the floor as a coloring book is obviously the tenants expense. The fact that the place needed to be completely cleaned is also their expense. The range with the hole in the display is obviously their expense. These are all obvious. What about the water bubbles in the cabinets from wet dishes? Or the completely warped cabinet that I'm thinking their dog peed on in the kitchen? Also, the laminate in the living room - it's coming up a lot. We've determined there's no moisture coming from under the house and there's no pipes that run anywhere near this area since all the plumbing is more to the back (ranch home). It almost looks like Windows were left open and there was water damage because it's only in areas near Windows and the door. It also looks like the threshold wasn't put in properly (which was replaced two days before they moved in) and this has completely softened the laminate when you first walk in. I feel as if they needed to report this a year ago when they noticed the issues. There is no way a three year old floor should need to be replaced like this. If there was water coming in from the door then they were required to notify me, in writing. Now I have half a floor needing to be replaced on top of all their other expensive damages. 

What if I can't get my replacement cabinets to match the originals (3 years old) or my floors to match the original? Am I completely SOL here or are they responsible for this? 

Warping is bottom front

6 drawers look like this, some worse some better. My husband has the other photos.