Existing Tenants Living in Prospective Purchase Property

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Hello to all you landlords out there!

I have a question regarding tenant / housing laws in King County. I am interested in buying a 3 unit multifamily property in Renton, WA. It'll be my first property purchase ever and I plan to live in one unit (to be in compliance with FHA regulations) and rent the others. I don't live in WA yet so I am not familiar with the tenant laws in the region. For those of you who are familiar, what might the process look like evicting an existing tenant so that I can move into the unit? Will I run into issues since the tenant likely hasn't done anything wrong to validate grounds for the eviction? Any light you could shed on the subject would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help!!

In Illinois you typically have to let them finish the lease term, unless the landlord has a clause in the contract in regards to them selling the home ending their lease.  The only other real option is try and buy them out.  Best bet is to consult a local real estate attorney.

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I would also discuss with the seller and let them know that as a condition of purchase, your chosen unit must be vacated so that you can live there. At that point, how they clear the unit is up to them.

An alternative would be getting copies of the lease and seeing if the tenants of your preferred unit have let their lease lapse and are now on month-to-month. If they are, you will need to give them at least 20 days notice I believe, possibly more in Seattle.