Water Bill Issues- Baltimore

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Question- I have a property in Baltimore City built in 2003, 3 bed/2-1/2 bath. All of the same type of properties on the street have a water bill of approx $150/qtr. My property is approx $600/qtr. There is no sign of leaking or issues in the property. The water department came and turned off the meter to see if water was still flowing and found no leaks. Can you please let me know if any additional suggestions to find the source of the problem? Thank you.

Process of elimination. If you have a water bill of x, someone is using x or there is a leak. If there is a leak, find it by eliminating what the problem isnt. Water line coming into house always possible, but usually the bill is drastically higher as a result. If it isnt a leak....then someone is using it

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