Neighbor has hole in roof from Irma & slumlord doesn't care

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My poor neighbor has a really crappy landlord and I'd like to help her but I have no idea where to start. She has had one hole in her ceiling for months and now has a hole from a tree coming through into her bedroom. The landlord won't return her calls for months now (she major septic issues and had to pay out of pocket, amongst other things), has blocked her daughter on fb & she doesn't know what to do. I have the landlords address & want to give him a piece of my mind, but I know that isn't going to solve anything.. Where does she start?

Other details - no lease, verbal agreement.
In GA, Gwinnett county. She says has been paying on time every month.

Thanks all. I can't wait to be a solid landlord.

Tell her to contact city inspectors to come in and see the problems,, they will issue owner a fix / repair to their specifications.. If it were me I'd either plan on moving,, or pay my rent to the court have rent put in escrow until repairs are made then court gives rent to owner,, it's the only legal way to stay in unit if landlord isn't doing repairs,, She must also put in writing to landlord repairs that need to be made..

I'd take photos' of the issues.. 

Who know's if bad enough city could cite for condemnation.. so she'd be required to leave..

If there's no signed lease and she's living there with no contract she could've and should've left the moment there was trouble.

Legally she has nothing binding to back up her cost for the house repairs, I don't believe this would end well on her end. I could be wrong...but having no agreement is pretty much an open door.

Not sure what kinds of protection she has now...verbal agreement does hold up in court but there's no I guess she's at the mercy of the judge. That guy sounds like a crook

Thanks all, really appreciate the feedback. 

We have offered and would be happy to help her move because I agree, she should have left months ago.. But unfortunately for her, it isn't always that easy.. 

Inform LL that these issues are a safety concern.  Give them 5-7 days to respond.  If they do not make necessary repairs, make the repairs yourself and deduct from rent payment.  I can't stand slumlords but one quick way to get their attention is to send reduced rent.

Why would you make more repairs out of pocket to someone that obviously doesn't care... plus she doesn't have the funds to move, where is she getting the funds to make repairs to the roof.

She should just move, take the LL to court to recover the previous out of pocket expenses that she made if they are something the LL should of. Maybe she can get more out of the LL (moving costs) since they've refused or won't make the repairs.