What was your worst eviction?

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I just got through an eviction.  I won the possession order and then paid her $600 to leave, just so she wouldn't wreck the place anymore.  After I got in, it was mostly tons of trash left behind.  But it was so infested with roaches, that I'm on my 4th treatment.   On the whole, I am careful with tenant selection, but I lost out on this one.  Any other good stories out there?

@Brian Ploszay .

Roaches are gross, and we just dealt with someone leaving... and leaving a roach infested place... took at least 4 appointments with the exterminator, so I feel you.. and boy are they disgusting!!!! those suckers are everywhere!! washer/dryer/freezer/sink, GROSS!!!!...   How a tenant can be okay and just live with them is beyond me...

however.. I would challenge anyone to top the horrible smell at cat urine throughout the house on brand new laminate floors... ya know.. the ones you can barely breathe in, and  can't see where it is,so you have to smell your way to it?   "I think I smell some over here!"... it was absolutely, 100% disgusting!!!!  We did 5 rounds of natures miracle before it was cleared... that was the worst... No longer accept pets in that home.  I'll take roaches  and trash over cat urine any day of the week!!!!

@Linda D.     I found some urine neutralizer / breakdown formula at PetCo.   You got to get rid of the smell or you can't rent it again.

Absolutely,  to clean tile it was 1 round of bleach.. laminate took 4-5 rounds of pet cleaner,,  disgusting.. still annoyed!!! We have an A+ family in there now:)

We only do tile in our homes now,  no exceptions!

Most memorable was years ago,, 6 plex, guy lived on 3rd floor,, fell off the wagon, his toilet busted water ran down thru the ceiling and damaged 2nd and 1st floor.. he threatened everyone in the building, LOUD music,, Numerous police calls,, all in about a weeks time.. then he threaten fire.. he was going to burn the place down.. My father filed for unpaid rent, and basically camped out in the hallway, slept overnight to make sure the place wasn't burned down and that he could call the cops to respond if anything was up.. My dad actually had a phone installed in the basement because this was back before cell phones,, so he'd have access to a phone to call police.. finally guy was forced out by sheriff, had to drill the locks and force-ably remove him from the property with a No Trespass order to boot.  Apt was total shambles. 

People with pets are the worst when it comes to evictions,, you have to deal with where to put the animals if they are left behind.. I don't do pets,, but have had worked for properties that do and it's always a mess, more laws that protect the animals. now landlords have to pay to kennel the pets for 30 days just like storing furniture.. so figure the cost of the eviction, and what it costs to kennel a pet at a boarding faculty, and then see how much of  a deposit makes sense if you let people have pets.. not to mention the clean up 

Hmmm...so many memories...so hard to choose.

Probably the one with the four children who, mysteriously, grew into seven children.  They were out by the time the Marshal showed up but left behind a skinny pitbull (dogs were not allowed) that had probably been used as a bait dog.  Turns out they had been keeping dogs in the crawl space UNDER the house (what fun cleaning out dog poop on your hands and knees). 

I was in the hospital during the actual eviction so I didn't get to see the Marshal call Animal Control to haul the poor young pit away.

The power had been shut off for nonpayment sometime previously and they left candles burning in the place; I'm guessing they were hoping the house would burn down as a final goodbye.  They did manage to burn up one of the bathroom ceiling fans; but no damage to the attic above.  Tore off every closet door, kicked holes in the walls, ripped towel racks off the walls, cut holes in screens, flooded out the laundry room, left pink magic marker all over the carpet in the downstairs family room, stole two new rugs.  This was all in the space of living there for six months.

Ironically we did find seven new bibles with a childs name written in each one.


P.S. Check out Scoex 10 (scoex.10.com) when dealing with pet odors.  We've found it to be very effective for cat odors.


I'm 24 years old, living in the Boston area and I have a SFH in the Myrtle Beach area. She brought me to court to fight the eviction but she hadn't paid rent in months so the judge (of course) was in our favor and ordered her to leave the premises within 24 hours.

The following morning we get there with the sheriff and she has taken off..."Thank God"...I thought...

All doors were locked so the Sheriff had to go in through a window to unlock it...the first thing we walk into is their dog that they left behind who is shaking scared and leaving feces all over the place. Animal control comes and takes the dog away.

We walk around the house with trash covering the ENTIRE place...food, dirty plates, more feces, anything you can imagine...it was there. (Let's not forget the lice either).

There are holes in almost every wall of the house...drug paraphernalia found in random parts of the house...open up a dresser and you find more trash upon trash...

The in ground pool was half-full (trying to stay positive), the water turned a nice brownish color! With furniture and other things floating around or sunk to the bottom...

Walk over to the side entrance which had a nice paved landing for an RV or carport and it is FILLED with garbage bags...I'm talking 25 feet long and as tall as I am...FILLED

All in all, the WORST tenant I have ever seen in my entire life but with the help of some friends and family, we bought a dumpster (or 3) and gutted the ENTIRE house...paid a contractor to fix it up and it has since went up ~65k in value :) I am renting it out to a nice family who maintains it in the way it should!

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