New. Please HELP! :) Is it my responsibility?

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I have property in Stockbridge, GA.  I don't provide washer and dryer, but I do provide hookups.  My lease contract states that the tenant is responsible for the appliances.  I was just informed that the exhaust pipe for the dryer is clogged and the tenant wants me to fix it.  As far as I know dryer exhaust pipes get clogged up because people don't remove lint from the lint tray.  Am I responsible to fix it?  If it happened for a different reason, am I responsible for fixing it, given what my contract says?  Will appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.

I would say that it's your responsibility to maintain your property in working order and for your own interest. Unless it's specified in your lease you'll need to take care of that. Furthermore, that is a fire hazard.

@Sophia L.

Even when cleaning the lent trap the exhaust will still clog. It’s a huge fire hazard.

Should be cleaned every two years. You can do it yourself or find a local chimney sweep/dryer exhaust company.

The one I use near me does the chimney Inspection and dryer exhaust cleaning for about $135

@Sophia L. Christopher Phillips is absolutely right when he says its a fire hazard. If I was the LL, I would get over to the property and have it cleaned out ASAP. I would pay to have a professional do it as well. $200 spent today is well worth it compared to fire damage to the property and/or injuries caused by the fire.

They should not clog if done right. If I was you, I would replace it with the smooth metal ducting or the expandable metal duct (Note: This is different than the cheaper foil accordian duct. Same concept, but more rigid and the inside is smoother). At the very least, the elbows should be smooth metal.

Smooth ducting should prevent the lint from getting trapped. Worth the extra money and hassle because this is a fire hazard.

I believe you have a responsibility to educate tenants to maintain a safe environment.  When you go there change the furnace filter for the tenants too and show them how.

My husband cleans out the dryer vent at our rental property every year. I just went with him last week to assist and it was easier than I had realized. He usually does it on his own so it is really a one person job so having a helper is not required. Once you get the kit and watch a YouTube video on it it is easy to do. It is also good to do it wherever you live too.

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