Photos taken of damages I did NOT DO,sent a bill what can i do?

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After moving out, I knew I was responsible for some damages my teenaged daughter had done,and at the time I called the police when the damages occurred AND also let the landlord know that they had happened and I would be responsible for the cost to repair,I even hired a company to do the repairs just after I had moved but they let me down by taking a bigger paying job.So I informed the landlord to hire tradesmen to do the repairs.Then I begand getting bills for damages that I was resonsible AND DAMAGES THAT HAD NOT HAPPENED WHEN WE LIVED THERE, but he has taken photos of these damages.Now I must assume he himself did these damages I would guess in order to have me upgrade/renovate parts of the home that he does not want to pay for, yet wants to improve.How can I prove those damages were never there when we lived there, and that despite he has photos, they do not reflect anything that occurred during my tenancy.Also I moved back in april, and have made all payments ,yet he continues to send me bills.How long after I have left can he continue to send me bills?Indefinately?The only "proof" I have regarding the damages is what the movers might recall, and would they even be willing to get involved in someone elses situation which is really just a pain in THEIR butt and not their problem.I was very ashamed and embarrassed to have left the landlord ANY damages, and was HAPPY to pay, as I do not want landlords to think that everyone who damages their property does not feel they should be held accountable.I absolutely am accountable, and am so sorry that this even happened, but now it's like I'm being taken advantage of, and I don't know why ANYONE OR JUDGE would beleive me, that yes my daughter DID do some damages BUT NOT others, it will just look like I am trying not to pay all that I should.

Check with your local laws. I know in many places here the landlord has 30 days to send a final judgement. If this is all from April and you did not receive a finalized list by May, then tell him to quit bothering you. I would repair everything that was brought up in the first 30 days (assuming your laws are that way)

Good luck and hope it works out for you

Do you have photos after you cleared your belongings out of the place?  Did you do a move out walk through with the landlord and fill out a move out checklist?  Do you have a move-in checklist?  Are you talking about damage that was there when you moved in?  That's where the move in checklist is helpful. If you documented pre-existing damage, that will support you.   Or do you mean damage that occurred after you moved out? That's where pictures from when you moved out and the move out checklist would help.  Has the landlord provided you these pictures?  Do they show both damage you did and damage that you did not do?  What sort of damage are you talking about?  Often in the course of repairing damage, the repairs are more extensive than you might expect. 

unfortunately, your only proof of how the place was left is photographs, which I am guessing you did not take. In that case, you can refuse to pay, and plead your case to a judge if landlord takes you to small claims court. if you only pay for what was actually your fault, the landlord may just eat the rest if he doesn't want to go in front of a judge.

as far as him sending you bills, it sounds like you broke your lease early? if that is the case he can charge you rent every month until he gets a new renter in there, since you broke the lease, however, he is legally obligated to make an effort to find a renter. He cannot just sit back and collect. If he is not currently seeking new renters, than stop sending him rent checks. If you have not broken your lease, I have no idea what the bills are for.

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