Buying duplex with section 8 tenant. How can I replace tenant?

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I have googled this and not gotten any dependable answers. What do I need to do to cancel this section 8 relationship? What do I need to be careful of? Can I terminate this agreement when lease is set to expire with proper notification? Any input would be appreciated

From what I have read, you must provide an acceptable reason as to why you are terminating lease of section 8. If the lease is expiring in 2 months, what process do I go about removing the duplex from section 8 program?

To my knowledge LL can terminate the lease only if there is any lease violation e.g. non payments rules/regulatios etc.   You can give the notice you will not be renewing the lease based on the number of days in the lease e.g. 30 or 60 days before the lease expires. You don’t need to give any reason but if you want you can say Rehab of the property 

Read your state’s law on landlord and tenant; follow it to give proper notice of non-renewal if the lease is expiring. Beside terminating lease for lease violations, you can talk to tenants to mutually terminate the lease, pay tenants to move, etc. You are obligated to honor the existing lease agreement until it’s up. Once it’s up, you can do what you please.

Good luck.

Hey @John Parshall Let me know what you found out about this.  I recently acquired some duplexes off highway 58 and I am not planning on terminating any leases but there are a few section 8 tenants in them and this issue might come up in future for me.  I haven't previously dealt with the Chattanooga Housing Authority.  

To my knowledge there is no requirement to renew so if the lease is expiring you should be able to terminate it but I could be wrong.  

@John Parshall , I have a Section 8 duplex in Chattanooga. Why the need to terminate the Section 8 arrangement? Are you moving into the duplex yourself? If you're determined not to participate in Section 8, you should be able to just refuse to renew the lease (with proper notice of course). While dealing with the housing authority is a slow and bureaucratic process, my experience with the tenants themselves has been pleasant so far. 

There is no specific reason required for non renewal.  In other words you're not obligating yourself to a Section 8 tenant in perpetuity outside of a specific set of reasons.  That said, it's best to give 60 days notice to CHA (Section 8) tenants.  The process for them to find a new unit is not an easy one.  There is paperwork involved and inspections to do once they've found a place which in and of itself is not the easiest.  You should expect that the tenants will remain in place for several months beyond your notice date and Sec 8 will continue to pay.  You of course could proceed forward with an eviction for unlawful detainer at that point but that's a decision you have to make for yourself.