Security deposit return and small claims

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So i recently rented a home, after 38 days i was returned a portion of my security deposit and an invoice for repairs for which the other part of my security was kept for.  I objected to these repair claims, sent a certified letter and then filed in small claims court. I do have a court date set that is all well and good i can prove i didn’t do damages to the walls that would call for the landlord to paint and  spackel. Silly me i thought it would end with that.. but i returned home about 55 days after vacating the property and being  issued a partial return of my security to being served papers that now my ex landlord is trying to sue me for additional damages costing exactly what he gave me back from my security deposit?!?!? Which obviously to me looks like he is just trying to serve me with papers because i filed suit for what he took unjustly... but my question is can he even do that???? I thought the law says he has 30 days to return that all to me after the lease ended and the itimized list of what he was claiming to keep money for?? And then on top of that he did return a portion of my security and a list of why he kept money 38 days later.. None of that said anything about damages He Is now trying to claim in this suit?!?!? I am a very good tendant and i have never hadn’t any problems getting my whole security back so any help would be appreciated. I’m just not clear if he can return some of my security and give me the list of money he kept and Be done with it until he sees i am going after what he tried to keep and then all of a sudden have the right to File suit for the little money he did return to me.. or maybe i don’t need to worry about any of this because he didn’t need return or even post Mark anything till 39 days after left therefor not within the 30 days... please help or give any advice 

I know in PA a tenant can sue a landlord for not returning the security deposit within 30 days, and regardless of what the damages were, the landlord would owe the tenant the security deposit in full, plus an amount equal to the security deposit on top of that.  If it is the same in NJ, you may be good to go.  I would just have all of your records ready to prove your side when you do go in front of the judge, and if the judge sees that the situation is in your favor, you will be good to go.  Good luck.