Section 8 tenant / Jersey City

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I'm looking to buy now a house in  jersey city it currently have a section 8 tenant month to month, I want to send them out because I want to renovate the house can anyone advise if this is an easy process? 

You can send tentants “Out” because you want renovate! 

Have you ever heard about lease ? It’s a contract between LL and tenant.

@Sai T. , it's a month to month tenancy. As long as he follows the local guidelines for giving notice, he can empty his property for whatever reason he wants to. Well not ANY reason. It has to be a reason that doesn't indicate discrimination. But just say you've decided to go a different route with the property.

@Ray hareel

Ok Sec8 or any Tenant rules are the same. He can give 1 month notice not renewing the lease. 

M2M has advantages for not parties