He Said She Said Drama Drama Drama

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Long story short I have a tenant who got into an argument with girlfriend. She is not on lease only him. According to him (and the police) she hit him, he calls cops, initially they tell her to leave, she then goes and gets restraining order on him which results in her (according to a judge?) being able to stay at apartment and they told him now to stay away for 10 days There lease is set to end at the end of this month. They both are now expressing interest in staying in the apartment. She is currently in the apartment at the moment They are both aware that lease ends in a few weeks. What are my options? Multi is in Massachusetts. (01907) Thanks

No worries, leave the drama to them and provide the proper non-renewal notice and time period.  Real estate investing is supposed to make life better and there are plenty of qualified residents.

If you choose to renew one of them what if the other visits when they get back together which sometimes happens? The only way for sure to stop that is get a no trespass order. I explored doing this in Ma. with a friend of my sons. I would have to find him and serve him notice. For you that is no problem but it seems like an extra headache. Also in MA, police must arrest someone most of the time jn these situations, not sure it is always the right someone.

To me there would be no option to renew to either one of them. Police being called to your property makes you look like a slumlord to the neighbors. Why would you even want to entertain the idea of keeping drama going on your property?