Camper Pad Idea in Nashville

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Hello BP!

My plans to buy MFPs are on hold until I can sell my house in MD and use the cash for investment.  In the mean time, I have this great spot in East Nashville, corner lot, secluded street, etc that I'd like to use to create some more income.  Originally, I thought I could use the extra yard space to build a garage/apartment and rent this out but this would cost upwards of $150k and I don't think would be worth losing my good interest rate with a construction loan.  I don't have enough equity for this yet but maybe in the future. 

Anyway, I moved down here to TN in my camper two years ago and the camper is now in storage since I bought the house.  I thought I could leave the camper at a local campground and stay in it while my house is short term leased.  Campground rentals around here are so expensive at around $800 a month not including electric so this would cut back on my income.  So...I had the idea of installing a concrete pad in my back yard, sprucing it up with a privacy fence and maybe a patio and parking my camper there!  I'd have to run power, water and sewer to the camper if I were to do it right but I'd immediately save the $110 a month on storage fees and  could easily go back and forth between my house and camper when I have people staying.  I know it may be a weird idea and I don't even know if Nashville will allow it but I imagine there is someone out there with some insight.  Thanks in advance so much for any tips, thoughts, etc you can offer. 


Not too difficult to run water and power, but sewer is a big deal.  You might end up having to replace your sewer line to the main.  You also need to consider slope.  

Main issue, though, is the city.  Here that is not allowed.  I'd start with the zoning department.

Finally, is the camper really set up for high occupancy?  High end ones are designed for full timers, but my basic unit (a 22' North Trail) specifically notes in the manual its not intended for continuous occupancy and that moisture will be an issue if use it heavy.

Hey @Jon Holdman , thanks for your reply.

I'm actually concerned about power as well.  I doubt I have enough left on my house panel to allow for a 50 amp hookup.  I haven't checked yet, however.  My house is old and the water and sewer lines probably need to be replaced.  I thought when I did that, I could run water and sewer to the pad.  Of course slope would be an issue for the sewer and this might be a show stopper considering where I want to put the pad.  I could always empty the grey and black water tanks into one of those wheeled tanks every so often while I have someone staying in my place. 

Yeah, I'll have to check with zoning.  Here in Nashville it ain't easy getting in there to talk to them but it can be done.

As far as the camper, I lived in it for almost two years before I bought this house in Nashville.  Its a 36' fifth wheel Montana with plenttyyyy of room for me.  I actually miss living in it. 

Anyway, thanks for the insight.  We'll see what zoning and public works has to say.  Much appreciated!

So Jimmy I got this friend that did what you are taking about. Codes will not allow it so my friend says be cool to the neighbors. My friend converted stuff to gas on the main house to increase Amps in the panel. My friend also happen to have a drain line in running through the backyard so "winning ". Message me if you want to meet up and speak with my friend.

@Jimmy Silcox

Great idea if you can get it to work. 

Your biggest hurdle is going to be the city.

I'm curious to know what they would say. Codes might consider it an "inoperable vehicle" 

I don't know, if you go down to ask let us know what they said. 

@Carrie Carlton , thanks so much for the info!  This is exactly what I'm looking for.  Copy that on what the city would say, doesn't surprise me. 

@Luka Milicevic , thanks for your response.  If I can get this moving forward I'll keep you posted.

You may think the greatest hurdle is the city, I think its going to be convincing my gf that moving back and forth between the camper and the house will be worth it...haha.

Thanks again for your responses!