Licensed Plumber St Cloud Minnesota

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I am wondering if anyone knows a good plumber in St Cloud Minnesota. I need an illegal basement shower fixtures removed and pipes capped. I’d do it myself but the inspector saw it and will be looking for the permit which I will not be able to get. Thanks in advance!

Hey Isaac!

I know I'm late to the party but I was just scrolling through the feed that was based around St. Cloud and I figured I would at the very least send a quality plumber your way in case you need one down the road. Chad with Midsota Plumbing and Heating does an awesome job! DM me if you want his phone number (not sure if you can find it online). I'm a General Contractor in St. Cloud and I have worked with Chad on several different projects and have always been impressed with him! Hope this helps (well, at some point, hopefully, haha)!

Have a great day!