Using Virtual Tours for Rental Properties

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With the integration of interactive virtual tours (not just photo slide shows or walk-thru videos that drag you through a property), what's stopping rental property owners (RPOs) from using the new technology to market their properties? 

It makes sense to me that having a virtual tour, PDF floor plans and property brochures of their properties would land more qualified renters in less time.

Are RPOs held to the same requirements as Realtors selling real estate to provide current imagry/photos of a rental each time thet have a turnover?  Also, do RPOs have to provide room measurements?  

I know many renters are looking for the same general information that home buyers are looking for, like room measurements, floor plpans, area calculations, neighborhood information (like schools, grocery, restaurants, and transit info), 3d Virtual Tours, and obviously high quality photos.

So why aren't RPOs looking for easy to use marketing tools that can be recycled for each turnover?

Just curious. 

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Hey Charles!

Great questions, virtual tours and floor plans can be instrumental in renting the property to qualified tenants in a shorter period of time, however these things can be costly. From what I've seen as a Property Manager, the biggest reason some of my investors choose not to add these things to their marketing package is the cost. When you're the one posting the property and doing the showings, it's in your best interest to get them rented as quickly as possible, however when you're paying a property manager to rent something out for you, and they're making sure there's no vacancy, most people don't want the extra $350-$450 cost to get professional marketing for their units. Personally I offer to take photos for free for my owners with my smart phone, it takes good photos and I have a 0% vacancy rate, so it's obviously working well. When you get the same results without the extra cost, it can be difficult to justify.