An unusual request from my tenant

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A tenant of mine has an out-of-town “friend” that regularly visits him. Earlier this week, they (tenant and friend) told me that her parents would be in the area for a few days. They then asked if it would be ok for them to park their camper on the property while they visit. I told them I needed a few days to think about it. I really could care less. However, before saying yes, I wanted to seek advice from the BiggerPockets community. Are there any legal issues you could see arising from this?

@Dustin Cornell , what does "on the property" and "a few days" mean? On the lawn? In a driveway? On the street? If it's not a gated community and it's parked legally, I don't see any issues with it. Just make sure there are no local parking restrictions (permits, times, etc).

If they wont be breaking any laws or HOA issues or damaging the property by parking there, I would get an "in writing" time they will be there, and go from there.....

At least they asked before hand....many tenants would just do it and then ask for forgiveness if they get caught

Next often is this "friend" staying there? Enough that they are really tenants and should be on the lease?

A good paying tenant is worth making a a few provisions for here and there . I’d Tell them your okay with it and long as they don’t tear up the yard and park so as to not block anything or cause a disturbance with a neighbor . This is no big deal bro , btw I live about 15 miles from Linesville pa so you are in good company

Like others have alluded to, I would set a limit. 30 days max, or something reasonable. Just so there’s no question of his interpretation and yours. :)

The tenant has been here 5 years now. Always pays on time. Not late even once. Plus he’s my eagle eye. Anytime there’s something wrong, he lets me know. Also does a lot of upkeep on the property and doesn’t ask for anything in return. Hes definitely one I try to keep happy. 

@Ray Harrell  I should definitely give them an exact location and time frame in writing then? 

@Ned J. she doesn’t live around here, she also happens to be a property manager, she just stays a few times a month

@Matthew Paul absolutely no dumping anything on the property! Especially sewage!

@Mike McCarthy I’m not even sure I’d be ok with anything longer than a week, two max.

@Dennis M. I agree with you completely about good tenants. Awesome, I haven’t met anyone on here that’s local tome yet. Maybe exchange contact info?

It seems like he’s a really good tenant. I don’t see an issue with it at all. Getting the time frame in writing is a good idea, but if you haven’t had any problems with him in 5 years, I doubt you’re gonna have any issues with the camper being moved in a timely manner.

I would set the limit to 28 days, as if you allow them to park for more then may be considered a tenant in some jurisdictions.