Oven Stove Preference

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Hi BP Family, I need to replace the stove/oven in my rental property. Are their any preferences for stove tops with heated coils vs glass stove tops. I remember my roommate shattered the glass top on our stove in college and I would prefer to avoid repairs like that. The heated coil stove tops seem to be a little more durable for tenants but I wanted to see what the BP family thought before I bought anything. Best, Adam

Whatever you get, it should match the trim and finish levels of your rental. If you have laminate counters, then a cheap white or black coil stove will do.

I'd highly suggest against glass top. Besides breakage, properly cleaning them is very difficult. The nice thing about the coils is they're easy to replace in order to spruce up the unit.

I always try to match the other appliances and if possible get the same brand. I want tenants to feel like I actually care and didn't get the cheapest possible option. Additionally, go one-level help (at least) from the basic version. As for the oven, I'd suggest a self cleaning one.

Whatever you get tenants will find a way to destroy. I go with coil type. You can replace the pans and coils when they get damaged. I also try to get the basic units with no digital buttons or displays besides the clock.