Breaking a Lease Agreement

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I have TDY orders to do training at another base for 13 months I contacted my landlord and advised them of the TDY they stated I would be responsible for the remainder of the lease which is about 3 months and I would lose my security deposit...I was wanting to know would I be able to use SCRA to help me? Please insight thanks 

If I were your landlord, I'd let you out of the lease.  But I don't think your landlord is legally obligated to for the reason you stated (TDY orders for training).  I believe for SCRA to apply you have to receive permanent change of station orders, or orders to deploy for not less than 90 days. 

Here's some more reading on the topic if you want to be sure for your specific situation:

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You’d have to be a real lowlife piece of feces to do that to a service member called to duty . Your landlord needs punched in the throat .. I hope you get this straightened out . You may need to call an attorney and have him look into this for you

Feelings aside, a lease is a lease. He is not in business to house transient service members. He is in business to provide housing on a long term basis. You understood this when you signed the lease. As @Kyle J. mentioned, there are some exceptions, but your case doesn't apply.

However, he can't charge you the remaining 3 months AND keep your security deposit. It can be two months and security, or 3 months and damages from security. I would retain the communication where he told you that you would lose your security, because THAT is not legal and sounds like a threat to me.

I understand, I never expected an special privileges but I don't except to be financially punished because the military decides they want to send me to another state to train just to come back here 13 months later