Wisconsin real estate and rentals

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Hello everyone, I am very green to Real estate investing and being a landlord. I’ve done countless hours of research but when it comes down to it I have a ton of questions. If there is anyone out there close to my area or that understands Being a landlord in Wisconsin please reach out to me it would be greatly appreciated!!!

The first thing to do would be to become familiar with all your local, county and state laws. Google should help direct you to these

Second would be to join a landlording association which is on my list to do as well

And 3rd if you have any specific concerns you should review the laws first but then type in the search bar on bigger pockets keywords related to your question, or ask them specifically in the forums. There are some very well versed investors on this site that are very helpful for sure. I would @mention them for you but I don't remember their names and I can't use the mention function on my phone. 

Again, get to know your laws and operate with integrety, we all do our best to mitigate risk but a risk is still a risk haha