Landlord Insurance in Houston Tx

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Hi Biggerpocketers, 

I was excited to have my offer accepted today, so then I was looking for landlord insurance and Geico, which the middle man, quoted me from sagesure Insurance for my SFR 200k in Cypress Houston $2772/year, I almost dropped from my chair.

I asked why it's so expensive, the agent said because there were alot of claims from the area. I was like.... duhhh... It was Hurricane Harvey  like a year ago. 

Anybody has input in which company that I could try, I dont want this landlord insurance become my deal breaker, because if I have to pay even more than $1000, I can't afford the house enough to make passive income. 

Any input is appreciated. 

Ouch. I have no expertise regarding Houston insurance pricing; however, you might look into ACV coverage (actual cash value) versus full replacement cost. Since I can afford to take on some risk, I generally insure my SFH rentals for an ACV of around 70% of replacement cost to get a lower premium. If there is a total loss, I understand that I will eat the difference. I also select the highest possible deductible and avoid adders like vandalism coverage, etc.

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Try Benchmark Insurance, they cater toward investors and are local

 thank you for the suggestions, I googled benchmark insurance but came out few, which in particular you referring to?